Although homeowners can see the potential in the property they want to sell; sometimes it can take some work to clue in buyers.  Not every change has to be huge, and not every project should break the bank and leave you living off a hopeful sale.

You absolutely can increase the value of your home, and it’s easier than you’d expect.

Here are four ways to follow through, and hopefully add some extra money to your listing price while helping get a faster sell.

Deep Clean Everything

It doesn’t matter how beautiful and loved your house is if there’s a thin film of grime or dust all over it- that’ll be the first thing people see.  Take time to deep clean your whole home. From a shower in the guest room, that nobody’s touched since the holidays, to pulling out appliances and cleaning beneath and around them, scrub it all out.

The longer you’ve lived somewhere, the harder it is to recognize the gradual build-up of grime and evidence that your home has been well-loved.

Things buyers will notice first are windows, siding, grout, and any surface that’s supposed to be white but is now off-colored.  There’s no such thing as too clean, devote as much time as you need to complete this. You can even rent a power-washer for the outside of your home.

Update Room By Room

Take into consideration what each room needs.  Instead of getting overwhelmed listing off that the bathroom needs more tile, the bedroom needs new light fixtures, and the kitchen needs new appliances and paint, go room by room.  This step will also let you pace yourself when undergoing physical work.

Give yourself a chance and take your time with it.

Update It For The Times

With younger generations buying homes now, a lot of people are expecting their houses to be as updated technologically as they are with style.  Updating with smart devices, like thermostats, lights, even smart doorbells, and door locks, can add value and up interest in your property. People like feeling tech-savvy and ahead of the curve, and with updates that total less than a thousand dollars, you can offer them that image.

Don’t go overboard, make sure that the house is still usable with or without these items, but make sure they’re prominently featured and mentioned in the listings when you include it among other Austin houses for sale.

Accentuate What It Has To Offer

Does your house have a beautiful red brick exterior?  Is there a charming gate to the backyard that’s obscured by overgrown shrubs?  Accentuate what you find attractive in your home with small changes. Power wash or scrub the mortar between your bricks to let it look bright and new!  Trim back your shrubs and give that fence a fresh coat of paint!

Show your potential buyers why you fell in love with the house, and give them a reason to love it as well.

The value of your home is all in how others perceive it.  Let them see a winner, and you can make a quick profit that will make buying your next home more manageable.

Decorating our homes and living spaces with wallpaper has been historically a task worth doing and which has made rooms far more spectacular than if otherwise ignored.  Cole and son wallpaper is deemed to be at the top of the décor tree, with a huge array of spectacular designs for all tastes. Often, Cole & Son can be subtle and create a mood of relaxation, but also there are wallpaper patterns which excite and challenge.  The company has been delighting customers and brightening homes for nearly 200 years and was began in London utilising the revolutionary printing presses which had such an impact on all of our lives. Cole & Son began manufacturing machines that printed such wonderful designs and patterns, but swiftly moved to making and designing their own take on modern and interior design, filling homes with stunning wallpaper and transforming many establishments. In 1941, A.P Cole purchased the business and was involved subsequently with the decoration of many palaces, castles and stately homes of the time.  Such was the beauty of the prints and quality of the images through the printing manufacturing excellence, Cole and Son extended its reputation of quality and design.  Naken Interiors Cole & Son collection is a significant one and Naken have always held the history in high regard and now supply to modern day generations with the full range of Cole & Son wallpapers, often helping and advising clients along the way.   Feel free to browse the many collections and brighten your home or living spaces.

The end of a relationship is almost always a tough time. Divorce can seem like a bleak prospect, however it is important to remember that life must carry on, and there are many people who go on to live happier and more fulfilling lives after a split. Let’s discover 3 top tips that can help you on your journey to an amicable divorce.

Practice the Art of Negotiation

In any divorce, learning how to compromise is key. Typically, throughout the divorce process, emotions are likely to run high and those involved are seldom in a similar place mentally. Quite often, one partner has had more time to get used to the idea of separating and has already started to consider alternatives and solutions. The other person however might still be feeling shock, denial, and even anger. Applying pressure can exacerbate this situation, so do not be afraid to take things slowly or look into professional coaching or counselling support to ease the transition process.

Furthermore, it is vital that both partners understand the basics of the law and have realistic expectations for negotiating a settlement. Cast aside fickle matters such as who is ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ and instead focus on the facts. List and agree the value of all assets and financial commitments you both own as clearly and transparently as possible. Subsequently, outline a timeframe and deadlines for your divorce to ensure that you both stay in control of your split and can keep momentum going throughout the divorce process.

Contact a Divorce Attorney

In the modern world, there are so many ways to divorce. Different processes suit different people but hiring an attorney can make the legal side of things easier. Two of the largest concerns people face when going through a divorce are the protection of assets and child custody. Equitable distribution is about allocating assets and liabilities acquired during the marriage such as property, vehicles and financial matters. In addition, child custody determines how any children will be raised, including residential arrangements and schooling.  

The legal processes involved in a divorce can seem overwhelming and there are a lot of factors to take into account including complex concepts such as alimony. Accordingly, alimony refers to monetary support paid by one party to another following a divorce. Above all, turning to a divorce attorney can ensure the legal decisions you make are beneficial for everyone involved. If you are contemplating hiring a divorce attorney in New Jersey but do not know where to start looking, you might want to consider contacting divorce attorneys in NJ such as Simon Law Group.

Focus on the Future

Preparing for your divorce properly allows you to feel happier and more confident about the future. Moving forward is all about addressing any fears, uncertainties and emotions. To limit potential damages to yourself, your partner, and your children, try to maintain control over your split. Take time to think about what everyone involved needs to be happy in the future. Spending your time, energy, and money arguing over the past is only a drain on your resources, so aim to see separating as a way of establishing a better future.

Start thinking of your divorce as a turning point, or a change of life status, that can ensure your dignity remains intact. Divorce can take a devastating toll on your health, self-esteem and confidence, so remember to look after yourself. Keep the lines of communication open, let yourself grieve, let go of anger, and set small goals to map progress. That being said do not post anything on social networking sites about your divorce or your children. Anything you write online can be copied, shared, and used in evidence against you.

Ultimately, a divorce is one of a number of times in life when people decide to enlist the help of a legal professional. Divorces are rarely enjoyable, but a split can become more manageable by making responsible and informed decisions. Going through a divorce can have a huge impact on your financial status. Check out this blog post to learn more about organising your family’s finances

Carpets are soft and wonderful, and can do a lot to keep a room warm and comfortable. However, many people find them to be more difficult to clean than regular hardwood or linoleum variations. After all, different materials like nylon, wool, and cotton fiber blends with naturally have separate cleaning methods. So, when it comes to cleaning a carpet, you might be lost. However, this guide is here to help. Here are the three most popular and easiest ways to clean your carpet no matter what type it is.

The Basic Vacuum

Almost everyone has vacuumed a carpet or rug at some point in their life. A vacuum is a special device designed to pull dirt and dust up from the fibers of the carpet without damaging the fabric. The machine uses powerful section and often includes something called a brush roll, which brushes through the carpet to lift up particles and debris so the suction part of the vacuum can pick it up.

Vacuuming is a simple process. First, you need to make sure there is no large debris or items on the carpet that could clog the system. This means there should be no coins, large bits of plastic or metal, wrappers, or items like buttons on the floor. Then, it’s best to start vacuuming in a corner of the room. Work your way forward and then back, gradually moving in a pattern that allows you to clean every inch of the surface.

If the vacuum has a hose, you can change attachments and then switch the machine to the hose setting. This is useful for picking up dirt and dust in hard to reach places and corners. Some of the areas you can now access include under heavy furniture like couches, the blinds and curtains, and under couch cushions. Remember to empty your vacuum when done and store it properly.

Now, the carpet will be clear of dry messes like dirt, dust, and crumbs!

Steam Cleaning

One of the most popular methods of carpet cleaning is the all-important steam cleaning. In steam cleaning, you don’t have to apply any chemicals to the floor and can still eliminate unwanted stains, germs, and allergens. You typically need to rent a specialized machine for this process. After you have the machine, the steps are simple.

First, you need to vacuum. This will pick up any debris that will get in the way of disinfecting and eliminating stains from the floor. Second, fill the steam cleaner with water and follow all of the instructions to make sure it is set up properly. Third, run the steam cleaner slowly over the carpet, allowing the hot steam to seep into the floor and lift up unwanted stains, dust, and dirt. Steam cleaning also doesn’t have to be done all of the time, but is instead recommended for once or twice a year for the best results. It will take some time to do an entire home, but the results are truly unbeatable!

Spot Removal

Occasionally, something spills on the carpet. This is common, especially if you have children or pets. Stains from food, drinks, and animals making messes on the floor can be a major problem. These colors ruin the appearance of the carpet and can also degrade the fibers over time.

In spot cleaning, you don’t have to wash the entire floor. For this method of cleaning, you can follow a few procedures. In the first, you typically have to wipe away any excess liquid present. Then, use a store bought cleaner with enzymes to break down the stain. After a few minutes, you should be able to wipe the stain away. You can learn more on about the best products currently available.

If you want to avoid using chemicals as much as possible, consider using an alternative like vinegar. However, know that many homemade remedies are not as effective as those from the stores. Also remember to test any spot removal product in an inconspicuous area in case it reacts poorly with the carpet’s dye and lifts away color.


There is no single way to clean a carpet, and there is plenty of room for experimentation. Just test out a couple of different methods and find the perfect one for you!

The concept that your boyfriend or husband is cheating on you can be tough to think about. Although it’s definitely not the ideal situation, it’s important that you discover if it’s true as early as possible. It’s up to you whether you want to seek reconciliation afterward or not, but you need all the pieces of the puzzle to do it. If you want to determine if he’s cheating, here’s a path you can take.

Notice Any “Stereotypical” Cheating Signs

Although the stereotypical signs of cheating can sometimes be a bit exaggerated, they’re not all incorrect. Coming home later, taking more “business trips,” and generally being more distant are all genuinely things that can indicate that your husband or boyfriend is cheating on you. This is how many people first start suspecting a cheating partner. Remember that all evidence is stronger when you have multiple pieces, so this should only be a starting point.

Pay Attention to Changing Behaviors

Beyond stereotypical signs of cheating, you’ll also just want to pay attention to anything that’s a drastic change from the norm. If your partner is usually extremely committed to his work, it might actually be more suspicious if he stops jetting off to business meetings every weekend. Obviously, changing behaviors can be a sign of many things, not just cheating, but if it’s combined with other suspicious activity, stay alert.

Keep a Record of Anything You Find

One of the best things you can do is to keep a written record detailing everything. Once you’re fairly sure that your husband or boyfriend is cheating on you, you’ll want to have a rock-solid case when it’s time to confront him about it. Make sure he can’t claim that you’re misremembering, and make sure you’re able to accurately talk about everything that’s aroused your suspicions. Write it all down so that you can access it later.

Don’t Engage in Shady Behaviors

There are lots of things you might want to try when you’re trying to determine whether your partner is cheating on you. Especially if the situation starts to become more obvious, you might want to get evidence in any way you can. Try your best to avoid these behaviors. When you confront your partner, you don’t want him to turn the situation around on you and claim that you’re just as bad as he is. Keep it above ground.

Approach on Equal Footing

Once you’ve gathered enough evidence to really prove your point, you should set a time to confront your partner. If you aren’t worried that he’ll get violent or abusive, it’s a good idea to do it at home with just the two of you. On the other hand, if your safety is a concern, consider inviting over a trusted friend who can help keep things civil. Don’t be accusatory or angry. Just express your worries and try to have a genuine conversation. That conversation might just surprise you.

Don’t Be Afraid to Bring Up Your Concerns

Remember that you do deserve answers when it comes to your partner’s behavior. Even if your partner can genuinely explain these behaviors with something innocent, he should do that. It’s tempting to get angry and want to rage at him with the information you have, but always remember that things are never as simple as they seem.

There’s two sides to every story, but there’s also an ultimate truth. If you need to use additional tools to find out if he’s cheating, that might be your best option. Give him the chance to explain himself, but don’t feel like you have to stay in the relationship if things just aren’t working out. Regardless of whether he’s cheating, you deserve the opportunity to know.

Whether you are single or married, a clean house is always a big concern. Every homeowner can attest to the fact that a vacuum cleaner is a necessary cleaning tool that should be present in every home. The vacuum cleaner is your reliable partner in collecting all the dirt and dust that has accumulated on the floor or carpet. Thus, you need to choose the best vacuum cleaner for your home. You want one which is durable and efficient.

What is a Vacuum Cleaner?

A vacuum cleaner is an electric device that makes use of an air pump to suck up all dirt and dust from the floor and other surfaces. The type of cleaning you do will determine the best vacuum cleaner you will need. A vacuum cleaner provides the best cleaning experience, whether you use them at home or a commercial place.

Advantages of a Vacuum Cleaner

Below are some of the wonderful benefits of using a vacuum cleaner.

  •       A vacuum cleaner saves time and energy.

When you clean using a vacuum cleaner, it is more hygienic and secured compared with cleaning manually using a broom. Moreover, using a vacuum cleaner can reduce the amount of cleaning time needed, whereas manual cleaning takes approximately hours. You can achieve the purpose of thorough cleaning within the shortest time possible by using a vacuum cleaner.

  •       A vacuum cleaner is easier to use.

Installing and using a vacuum cleaner is easy. You just need to plug it into an electricity socket and let move on the floor, anywhere you want to clean. Just be careful not to damage the Current Shunt Resistors to avoid any electrical problems.

  •       A vacuum cleaner removes the allergen from the air.

A vacuum cleaner is equipped with a variety of filters that blocks and removes airborne disease-causing germs, bacteria, and viruses present in the air.

Vacuum Cleaner Buying Guide

In choosing the best vacuum cleaner, consider where you are going to use it. A vacuum cleaner is practically another important member of your household, so make sure you find the perfect match.

  •       If you mostly have bare floors

A versatile canister vacuum might be your best choice if you have a house full of hardwoods and tiles. You can easily reach corners and other tight spaces due to its many attachments. If you prefer an upright vacuum, choose the one that allows you to turn the brush roll-off. This is because it might scatter debris on a bare floor and could even scratch some surfaces. 

  •       If you have stairs

The smart choice for this is a canister with a long hose and attachments for getting in and around railings. However, if you only want a single vacuum for the entire house, a cumbersome canister can be your best pick. Go for a lightweight upright, or buy a second, less expensive model for upstairs cleaning. 

  •       If you have family members who suffer from allergies

In this case, it is important to choose a vacuum that’s both sealed and has a HEPA filter. This type of vacuum can trap dust, dander, pollen, and mold spores in the machine. 

  •       If you are a fan of quick cleanups

If you prefer quick cleanups, choose stick vacuums and handhelds. They are great tools for this job. However, they lack the power and versatility to be your primary vacuum.

  •       If you’re torn between bagged vs. bagless

There is no big difference in their cleaning ability, so it all boils down to preference. Bagless vacuums are way more convenient, but they can be irritating if you suffer from allergies. Bagged vacuums are less messy, but you need to have replacements always ready.

In today’s world, it is practical to stay at home with your parents or get a bunch of roommates. However, if you want growth, it’s a great idea to live on your own. In case you’re not be prepared for such a move, we’ve gathered a small list to help you out. Here are things you need in your first apartment.

A Good Sleeping Space

Your apartment is your space for rest, and it is important to have a good mattress. It should be the first thing you get for your place. The reason being that it is a big decision and task that if you put it off, you can wind up sleeping on the floor for weeks, even months. NOt to mention sleeping on the floor is horrible for your body.

The items for your space are some of the bigger items you will buy, so it can be easy to put them off. When you go buy a mattress, make sure that you are also getting your bed, toppers, pillows and the like. That way, you have a comfy place to rest after long and hard days.

Tools and Home Furnishings

Some apartments come with furniture others don’t. Either way, you will need tools to help build your furniture or make modifications to your apartment. It can be a shelf; it can be a work desk; it can even be for repairs. What is important is that you have these things for when you need them, then not having them when you do. Having a step stool is a good idea for when you need to change bulbs or hang curtains.

You will also need wall hooks for anything you might need to hang. The thing with moving into a new apartment is that even if you have checked it out, you will still need to adjust to it. That means you will need spaces to hang things and surface area to place your belongings. Having tools and other furnishings on the first day eliminates the chance that you keep your things in a box and leave it there for months.

First Aid Kit

With all the moving and fixing you will do at your apartment, it is important to have a first aid kit. You don’t know what might happen. You can sprain an ankle, cut yourself, you might even pull a muscle. In case of anything happening here are some essentials for a first aid kit:

– Bandages

– Anti-inflammatory medicine

– Band-Aids and antibiotic ointment

– Gauze pads and antiseptic wipes

– Cold medicine and cough drops

– Cold pack and muscle pain relief ointment

Cleaning Supplies

Moving into your new place,  make sure that you have the proper cleaning supplies. Even if your landlord has the place cleaned before you move in, you will still need cleaning supplies to maintain your apartment. Below is a quick list of things you might need.

– A vacuum

– A quality Multi-surface cleaning spray, paper towels, and trash bags

– Stainless steel cleaner

– A good Laundry detergent, stain remover, and dryer sheets

– A toilet scrub and toilet bowl cleaner

– Dishwashing soap and sponges

– Air freshener and disinfectant spray

– Toilet Paper

Essential Kitchen Items

During the first few days or even weeks, you could do with paper plates in your kitchen, but that will not be good for the  environment, so make sure to buy proper plates and glasses. You will also need reusable spoons and forks. In the kitchen itself, you will need a pan, a pot, and a baking sheet. Some key appliances to have are a microwave and a toaster. 

You will also need a spatula, a spoon for cooking, a whisk, a chopping board, and most importantly, a knife. You want a good quality knife that can last. Several accidents happen in the kitchen because of dull knives. Keep yourself safe with a good one. You can get more details from this website.

Lastly, if you already have a lot of clothes with you, remember to get some clothes hangers for your closet. These are the simple, but essential items you will need in your new apartment. There are more, but if you start with these, then you should be good to go. Happy adulting!

Some parents prefer to have their house as their children’s “hang out” place after school. However, you need to be up to the task for it to happen. Aside from being a hospitable host that serves drinks and food at a fast rate, you also need to have the proper home amenities required to entertain your guests. To make sure that your place gets voted as the favorite spot of your kids and their friends, you need to have at least one of the five things that can present your house as a viable candidate.

Engaging Guests in Your Entertainment Room

An entertainment room is every kid’s paradise and a family’s vacation place at home. It may be your living room or a closed area, but an entertainment room is a must-have if you want your kid’s friends to hang out at your house every time. You can get creative with your set up inside the entertainment room. You can place your family computers near the Wi-Fi module, mount your flat screen television on a wall while positioning it in front of a sofa, and install Surround Sound speakers at the corners of the room.

Fortunately, the entertainment room is not only for kids. You can also set up a bar table and place a billiard table or ping pong table in the middle, making your entertainment room the perfect getaway from school or work.

Getting Your Game On with an In-Ground Basketball Court

If you have a kid who loves to play basketball, then you must install an in-ground basketball court in your backyard. A basketball court at home will save your children the need to travel countless times to the gym and waiting for a parking spot to open up. The court gives kids the space for fun and safe workouts under your supervision. It can also turn into an environment for other activities and sports. Your kids can invite their friends to your home for a game of basketball, which will make your home the go-to spot if they want to play.

The home basketball court depends on your yard area, but there are a lot of in-ground basketball court sizes for you to choose. To find out what size fits your home, you may see this information on

Room for Creativity in Open Kitchen

Not every kid wants to be active in sports or sit down while watching TV. Some want to learn how to cook at a young age but do not have the area to practice. An open kitchen allows kids with enough space to get creative with their dishes and provides you with an excellent view to make sure that they will not burn the house down.

An open kitchen, which is also useful for families, can help kids study how you cook as it presents a sight similar to a cooking show. The kitchen is perfect for entertaining guests because it allows interaction between the chef and the customers. You can accommodate your kids’ friends during large gatherings if you have an open kitchen.

Outdoor Barbecue Grills for Parties

The thought of having guests over for barbecue remains a common tradition in the United States, which is why it is essential for you to own an outdoor barbecue grill at your backyard. Your relatives, neighbors, and your child’s friends can all enjoy the benefit of a BBQ grill. It also helps to have outdoor furniture and lights in the yard to encourage socialization with your party guests.

Outdoor BBQ grills also help avoid trapping the smell inside your home, as well as preventing a jam-packed crowd inside your home. You can host your kid’s birthday or a special holiday outside the house. Working the BBQ grill also has the benefit of improving the relationship of parent and child. Nothing entices your kid’s friends to hang out at your house more than the smell of juicy burgers and grilled chicken.

Diving into the Backyard Pool

If you have a swimming pool at your backyard, then you already know that you have one of the kids’ most favorite hangout spots during summer, whether it is an inflatable pool, an in-ground pool, or a Jacuzzi. Despite being hard to maintain, a swimming pool is a perfect social headquarters for both teenagers and children. The pool has a private and intimate atmosphere not seen in public pools or other facilities. A well-designed swimming pool can also add a touch of class to your home, which other kids from your children’s school will love.

The swimming pool also serves as a great activity area for physical and mental health training. You can also bond with your family and create some of your most favorite moments at your backyard.

In some cases, Garages become an extension of a home’s storage space instead of a parking space. Imagine what else you can use that space for, and it might even be for an essential purpose. Luckily, cleaning your garage isn’t too hard, especially if you know beforehand the things you should consider.

Only Keep the Important Stuff

The first step to cleaning your garage is to know what you have in there. You can start with sectioning your garage and pulling everything out in that area. This will make cleaning more manageable for you, and you can immediately see the amount of space you’re working with. After getting everything out, it’s time you decide what you want to keep.

Set criteria on the items you want to keep because this will prevent you from taking too much time thinking of keeping it or not. It’s important that owners know what to do with the things they have, and if they still need it. Ask yourself, “Does this serve a purpose?” Here are some tips to help you decide:

  • Is it an item you use often? Keep it.
  • Does it still work, and will you be using it? Keep it.
  • Is it something rare or hard to buy elsewhere? Keep it. 

Decide Where to Dispose of the Clutter

After you’ve sorted all your things, the next thing you have to consider is what happens to the things you don’t need. There are many options for you to choose from, such as the following:

  • Donation – if you have items you won’t be using, but are still usable, consider donating it to a local charity or a community. There many places which accept donations, and it’s a good option than throwing out an utterly functional object. Moreover, donating your old stuff can significantly help the lives of people who need it.
  • Sell – one right way to earn some extra cash is by selling some of your things, especially the rare or high valued ones. Consider hosting a garage sale or posting your items online. Make sure to do an accurate appraisal of the things you want to sell so that you can get the right value for it. 
  • Throw – for things that can neither be donated nor sold; you have to throw. Cleaning out your garage may leave you with a ton of things to sort through, some of which may even be useless. 

Cleaning and Organizing Your Space

After you’ve gotten rid of all the unnecessary stuff, it’s time to do the actual cleaning and organizing. It will take some time, but the results will leave you with a brand new room for your home. Make sure to scrub the floor from top to bottom, to get rid of all the dust and dirt’s that have accumulated through the years. Don’t forget to wipe the cabinets, and finish the job by mopping the floor. By doing this, it can help reduce health risks that may have accumulated through the dusts and molds.

After cleaning your garage, it’s time to get organized. Make an inventory of all the things you have left and only keep the things you’ll be using. Make sure to utilize the cabinets and shelves in your garage, if you have one. If you don’t, it’s best to have one installed for you to keep your frequently used items. Make sure to categorize your space, so you know where everything goes. 

Make Time for Cleaning

The biggest challenge many people face when cleaning their garage is not knowing whether they have enough time to complete the task. Before you start with cleaning your garage, make sure to set in advance. Mark it in your calendar and set goals and target dates for when you’re supposed to be done with everything. Doing this will help you be motivated, and it can track your progress. Most importantly, having a schedule means you’re more likely to commit to it and finish the job.

You don’t have to rush cleaning your garage. The task may seem overwhelming at first, but with patience, you’ll be rewarded with a brand new room. You’ll have more space for things that matter to you, and less trash in your life. Make sure to utilize storage saving techniques, especially if you still have many items to store in your garage.


Have you decided that it’s time to upgrade your toilet? If your bathroom suite has seen better days or if your toilet is broken and requires replacing, you’ll need to select the right toilet for your bathroom. That might not be as easy as you think. For a start, there’s quite a lot to bear in mind. You can’t simply walk into a store and just choose the first toilet that you see. Instead, you need to consider a number of elements. Here is your expert guide to just what you should be looking for in your new toilet.

Get The Height Right

Usually, toilets come in two heights – the comfort height and the standard height. While you’re probably used to having a standard height toilet, the comfort height option might be better for you since it’s a couple of  inches taller than a regular toilet. On the other hand, if you have children who’ll be using the toilet regularly, a standard toilet may be a better choice. 

Dual Flush Water-Saving Options

At one time, nobody thought twice about how much water was wasted when they flushed a toilet. Older toilets used to use a lot of water in their flush and this was very wasteful. These days, however, the importance of conserving water is better understood. Regulations were passed a few years ago which restricted the maximum toilet flush to just 1.6 gallons. Therefore, you can rest assured that you won’t be wasting water when you choose a newer toilet. However, there are still ways to reduce your water usage even more – something which might be appealing if you’re taking an eco-friendly approach to living or if your household is on a water meter. A dual flush toilet has two different flushing options – one for low volume purposes and one to remove solids with a standard volume flush. 

One Piece Or Two Piece Toilets

Toilets come in two main designs – two piece or one piece. A two piece toilet has a separate bowl and tank. They are standard and are found in many homes. A two piece toilet is tried and tested and function very well, however some people have found that a one piece toilet with the tank and bowl being fused into a seamless single unit are better suited to their needs. Not only are they simpler to maintain and clean than a two piece toilet, they also have a smoother and sleeker profile which is ideal for a contemporary bathroom. 

Which Bowl Shape To Choose?

There are two bowl types that you can choose from for your new toilet – the elongated bowl or the round bowl. Round bowls are, naturally, fairly round in shape and work perfectly in a more compact bathroom since their profile is smaller. An elongated bowl is an oval shape, around 2 – 3 inches longer than a round bowl. Many people prefer the comfort factor of an elongated bowl, so if your bathroom is large enough to accommodate this option it could be a better choice for you too. 

Which Flushing Mechanism To Choose?

At one time, there was only a single toilet flush option available – gravity flushing toilets. These would use the water’s own weight to provide sufficient flushing power. This simple flushing mechanism allows for low maintenance toilets, and many people still prefer this option for their bathroom. These days, however, there are other options to pick from too including pressure-flush toilets or ones with an assisted flush. These use the air to boost the flush pressure and this means that the flush is more efficient and powerful. Of course, they also cost a little more than a standard gravity flush toilet, so you’ll need to work out whether you can afford to fit it into your renovation budget.

Which Color To Choose?

Toilets are available in a host of different colors, from vibrant shades to neutrals like beige, cream and white. It’s often best to go for something more neutral for your bathroom since it will stand the test of time, and white toilets are often more affordable than other colors. 

Are you ready to choose the right toilet for you? There are more details found on to point you in the right direction of how to pick the perfect option for your stylish bathroom.