Bingo is by definition a game of chance, so luck alone determines the outcome. Unlike skill games such as blackjack or poker, you don’t get better if you play a lot, and experience isn’t a decisive factor. This can be a bit disappointing for punters who are hoping to find an effective way to increase the odds of winning. The good news is that there are a couple of things that one can do to increase the odds of being profitable. These are simple but effective ways to become more successful while playing your favorite game.

It’s all about bankroll management

When you play a game of chance, you need to remember that your unlucky streak can last longer than your bankroll. Bingo has the merit of being an inexpensive game to play on real money, with low costs on bingo tickets. This is already a huge advantage since you don’t spend a lot of money even if you are an active punter. Having said this, you still need to manage your resources intelligently to avoid running out of money. Spend no more than 10% of the resources allocated for gambling during any bingo session. Don’t increase the stakes arbitrarily and don’t chase losses, just be patient and enjoy the experience.

Try one of the popular systems

Over the years, there were several people who came up with theories and systems for winning in bingo. Some of them had a mathematical formula at the cornerstone, while others were based on commonsense theories with no scientific background. It is worth considering them, just for the sake of trying something new and see how they work for you. Read More:

Joseph E. Granville suggested that in order to boost the odds of winning, you should purchase tickets with evenly distributed numbers. This can be a time-consuming process because according to this theory, the random distribution should be pretty thorough. You need to have pretty much the same odd and even numbers, low and high ones as well as numbers finishing in a certain digit.

L.H.C Tippett had a slightly different approach, but one that is also based on his theory of randomness. He suggests that players should choose bingo cards with very low, respectively very high numbers in a short bingo game. By contrast, bingo sessions that are expected to last longer should benefit those that have even numbers. His theory states that longer games will gravitate towards media numbers.

Purchase more bingo tickets

Arguably the most effective advice if you want to increase the frequency of winning bingo sessions is to actually purchase more tickets. This is commonsense advice, which also makes perfect sense because it is 100% true. The more bingo tickets you have, the better the odds of having the chosen numbers called. Because the average cost of bingo tickets is not astronomically high you can follow this advice without breaking the bank. Take advantage of free games and other special offers to get some bingo cards for free.


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