If you’re sleeping alone, you have the luxury of choosing your bedroom décor yourself. You can create an oasis of peace that’s exactly how you’d like it, with all the accessories and features that you’ve dreamed of.

However, when you’re sharing a bedroom with a partner, it becomes much harder to put your stamp on your bedroom. How can you create a space that both of you will like equally? Opt for one partner’s ideas and the other is sure to feel pushed out and uncomfortable, so finding a way to compromise is always best.

Your bedroom can be a sanctuary for both of you as long as you follow these top tips.

Agree To Compromise

It’s likely that both of you won’t have a particularly strong opinion of every single element of the bedroom. One of you might be particularly passionate about the color of the walls, while the other may be more interested in the artwork that goes on them. Have a discussion about which elements of the room are most important to each of you so that you can find out where compromises can occur and who can take responsibility for which elements of the room.

Make It Entertaining

Don’t allow yourselves to argue over the decoration process. It should be a fun job that you enjoy together. Look at brochures and go shopping as a couple. Make it entertaining and you’re more likely to be able to reach compromises without arguments.

Keep It Neutral

The best place to start when decorating a bedroom as a couple is to begin with neutral walls and then work on accents of color. Neutrals are neither too masculine or too feminine so neither of you will feel out of place. Also, neutrals work well with all kinds of bedlinen and accessories. Neutral doesn’t have to mean boring. White and beige are perfect canvases on which to design a beautiful bedroom.

Choose An Accent Palette

When you’re working together as a couple to decorate your bedroom, you could choose one main color each to add to the space as an accent. You can then opt for different shades of each color to be your accent colors when adding accessories, textiles and furniture.

Pair Masculine and Feminine Together

One very effective way to decorate as a couple is to follow the simple guideline of pairing feminine and masculine objects together. Imagine you’re choosing a lamp for the bedside table. If you’re choosing a masculine shade such as grey or dark blue, choose a lamp which has a more feminine shape. Also, vice versa, imagine you’re choosing a pillow in a feminine shape such as a heart. Make sure that you choose it in a more masculine color. A clever way to do this is with textiles. Throws and rugs can really bring cohesiveness to the room.

Adding Personality Through Accents

When it comes to adding accents to your bedroom, this is where both of your personalities can come into play. Both of you can add small elements which reflect your own tastes. As they are small, they can all work together in the larger space of the bedroom allowing you both to express yourselves effectively.

A Beautiful Bed

The bed is the heart of any bedroom, and it’s also one of the focal points of your relationship as a couple. Making the bed welcoming and inviting for both of you is key. For better sleep, you’ll need to make sure that you choose a mattress which both of you find equally comfortable, and it’s definitely worth shopping around and trying out a few different ones before you choose the right one for you, otherwise you could end up  wasting a lot of money.

Follow these top tips when it comes to creating the perfect bedroom for both you and your partner and you should be able to design a space which both of you love equally. There should be no arguments or disagreements as long as both of you are involved in the process. You may never want to come out of your bedroom again if you take our advice!


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