About Charlotte

Charlotte has always had a sense of adventure. Being a  millennial, she was born during the time in the world when travel was becoming more accessible to all. During her second year at university, she decided to take a year to do and see as much as she could of the world.  It was during this time of traversing the globe that she met  the man that would wait for her down the isle.

Charlotte went on to finish her degree and it was during this time that the idea for Mr-and-Mrs-Smith was born. She wanted to share everything that she had experienced from before saying yes to all the adventures that follow. This blog is where millennial couples can find their own adventure together.

Couples can find fun things to do together from cooking to hiking, dancing and gardening.  Charlotte also gives tips on what to do leading up to the wedding and the honeymoon. With the world and travelling at Charlotte’s fingertips, explore the endless possibilities of destination weddings, exotic honeymoons and more in the life of millenial’s Mr and Mrs Smith.