What’s good about doing do-it-yourself crafts is that you can do almost everything. Some of the DIY projects you could hardly imagine can be turned into reality. Along with sheer determination, ample creativity, and the right tools, you can make anything you want and utilize them to your heart’s content. Here are four things you didn’t know you could DIY but you could actually could:

  1. Shelving Pieces

Space is a common issue among people who are living in small houses and tiny apartments. There would be instances that there would be so many things it could barely suit in your home. Don’t worry as you can actually do DIY shelving pieces that would not only give your beloved area more space but also provide your house with a fresher ambiance.

The materials that you are needed for this DIY project can easily be found at your nearest home improvement store. Following an assembly and using different size of pipes, wooden boards, building tools, and fastening bolts, you can easily make a shelving piece yourself. For added hold and security, you can also use auto body machines for your project when connecting parts and mounting your shelving unit. Once done, you can now have that cool extra space for organizing your stuff.

  1. Lighting Fixtures

Lighting fixtures are an essential part of every home. These embellishments provide a focal point, give a distinct style, and add drama to any room. However, these adornments can be costly and can force you to break the bank.

Instead of forking out money, don’t you know you can create these lighting fixtures yourself. Plus, you don’t even have to purchase materials for doing such projects. By looking around your house, you can easily find things you no longer require and re-design them for your DIY craft.

The said scrap material includes strings, hangers, tin cans, disposable spoons, or plastic bottles. You can transform them into plastic spoon lamps, silverware or hanger lights, DIY chandeliers, and a long list of many other possibilities! You’ll be surprised your home is brimmed with materials waiting to light up your beloved home.

  1. 3D Wall Arts

Going to the nearest home improvement store or purchasing anything from Walmart to redecorate your blind wall can be avoided. You can quickly turn items you already own into fun 3D wall arts in a breeze. With resourcefulness and creativity, you can do many 3D DIY wall crafts on your free time and at the same time, have fun.

You can use a vintage frame and embellish it with paper flowers, and it can already add a chic look to your home. Also, you can use available magazines, colored papers, and old newspapers into an array of things such as garlands, scrolls, lanterns, geometric ornaments, wall letters and almost any other items you could imagine.

There are thousands of fantastic ways to make incredible art for the walls of your home or office without having to spend much.

  1. Storage Crafts

Tiny clutters, whether at home or your office desk, can often be annoying. You know distracting it can be especially when you are up to finishing a task but occasionally bump on this mess. But, why endure it when you can quickly minimize this mishmash and organize your things?

You can make different DIY storage crafts using recyclable containers to keep ahold of pens, accessories, and other craft material in your home or your desk.

Got an empty lotion bottle? Clean it, cut it on your preferred size, nail it on a wooden board, and hang it on your wall. Presto! You now have a new storage space to keep all those clutter. Alternatively, you can also place it on your bathroom, kitchen or anywhere it would be of good use.

Have an old hanger instead? Simply, add your preferred number of eyelet screws to a wooden coat hanger. Voila! You now have an instant jewelry organizer to keep those necklaces, bracelets, and rings tidy.

Remember, you don’t have to purchase every time. There are times when you simply need to look around your home, awaken your creativity, and utilize the right tools – you’ll never know what other things you could do it yourself.








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