Although homeowners can see the potential in the property they want to sell; sometimes it can take some work to clue in buyers.  Not every change has to be huge, and not every project should break the bank and leave you living off a hopeful sale.

You absolutely can increase the value of your home, and it’s easier than you’d expect.

Here are four ways to follow through, and hopefully add some extra money to your listing price while helping get a faster sell.

Deep Clean Everything

It doesn’t matter how beautiful and loved your house is if there’s a thin film of grime or dust all over it- that’ll be the first thing people see.  Take time to deep clean your whole home. From a shower in the guest room, that nobody’s touched since the holidays, to pulling out appliances and cleaning beneath and around them, scrub it all out.

The longer you’ve lived somewhere, the harder it is to recognize the gradual build-up of grime and evidence that your home has been well-loved.

Things buyers will notice first are windows, siding, grout, and any surface that’s supposed to be white but is now off-colored.  There’s no such thing as too clean, devote as much time as you need to complete this. You can even rent a power-washer for the outside of your home.

Update Room By Room

Take into consideration what each room needs.  Instead of getting overwhelmed listing off that the bathroom needs more tile, the bedroom needs new light fixtures, and the kitchen needs new appliances and paint, go room by room.  This step will also let you pace yourself when undergoing physical work.

Give yourself a chance and take your time with it.

Update It For The Times

With younger generations buying homes now, a lot of people are expecting their houses to be as updated technologically as they are with style.  Updating with smart devices, like thermostats, lights, even smart doorbells, and door locks, can add value and up interest in your property. People like feeling tech-savvy and ahead of the curve, and with updates that total less than a thousand dollars, you can offer them that image.

Don’t go overboard, make sure that the house is still usable with or without these items, but make sure they’re prominently featured and mentioned in the listings when you include it among other Austin houses for sale.

Accentuate What It Has To Offer

Does your house have a beautiful red brick exterior?  Is there a charming gate to the backyard that’s obscured by overgrown shrubs?  Accentuate what you find attractive in your home with small changes. Power wash or scrub the mortar between your bricks to let it look bright and new!  Trim back your shrubs and give that fence a fresh coat of paint!

Show your potential buyers why you fell in love with the house, and give them a reason to love it as well.

The value of your home is all in how others perceive it.  Let them see a winner, and you can make a quick profit that will make buying your next home more manageable.


Charlotte loves to inspire and create. She lives life to the fullest and seeks endless possibilities of destination weddings, exotic honeymoons and more in the life of millenial’s Mr and Mrs Smith.

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