In today’s world, it is practical to stay at home with your parents or get a bunch of roommates. However, if you want growth, it’s a great idea to live on your own. In case you’re not be prepared for such a move, we’ve gathered a small list to help you out. Here are things you need in your first apartment.

A Good Sleeping Space

Your apartment is your space for rest, and it is important to have a good mattress. It should be the first thing you get for your place. The reason being that it is a big decision and task that if you put it off, you can wind up sleeping on the floor for weeks, even months. Not to mention sleeping on the floor is horrible for your body. Check out these mattresses made for side sleepers with back pain that you can order online and have shipped right to your new apartment.

The items for your space are some of the bigger items you will buy, so it can be easy to put them off. When you go buy a mattress, make sure that you are also getting your bed, toppers, pillows and the like. That way, you have a comfy place to rest after long and hard days.

Tools and Home Furnishings

Some apartments come with furniture others don’t. Either way, you will need tools to help build your furniture or make modifications to your apartment. It can be a shelf; it can be a work desk; it can even be for repairs. What is important is that you have these things for when you need them, then not having them when you do. Having a step stool is a good idea for when you need to change bulbs or hang curtains.

You will also need wall hooks for anything you might need to hang. The thing with moving into a new apartment is that even if you have checked it out, you will still need to adjust to it. That means you will need spaces to hang things and surface area to place your belongings. Having tools and other furnishings on the first day eliminates the chance that you keep your things in a box and leave it there for months.

First Aid Kit

With all the moving and fixing you will do at your apartment, it is important to have a first aid kit. You don’t know what might happen. You can sprain an ankle, cut yourself, you might even pull a muscle. In case of anything happening here are some essentials for a first aid kit:

– Bandages

– Anti-inflammatory medicine

– Band-Aids and antibiotic ointment

– Gauze pads and antiseptic wipes

– Cold medicine and cough drops

– Cold pack and muscle pain relief ointment

Cleaning Supplies

Moving into your new place,  make sure that you have the proper cleaning supplies. Even if your landlord has the place cleaned before you move in, you will still need cleaning supplies to maintain your apartment. Below is a quick list of things you might need.

– A vacuum

– A quality Multi-surface cleaning spray, paper towels, and trash bags

– Stainless steel cleaner

– A good Laundry detergent, stain remover, and dryer sheets

– A toilet scrub and toilet bowl cleaner

– Dishwashing soap and sponges

– Air freshener and disinfectant spray

– Toilet Paper

Essential Kitchen Items

During the first few days or even weeks, you could do with paper plates in your kitchen, but that will not be good for the  environment, so make sure to buy proper plates and glasses. You will also need reusable spoons and forks. In the kitchen itself, you will need a pan, a pot, and a baking sheet. Some key appliances to have are a microwave and a toaster. 

You will also need a spatula, a spoon for cooking, a whisk, a chopping board, and most importantly, a knife. You want a good quality knife that can last. Several accidents happen in the kitchen because of dull knives. Keep yourself safe with a good one. You can get more details from this website.

Lastly, if you already have a lot of clothes with you, remember to get some clothes hangers for your closet. These are the simple, but essential items you will need in your new apartment. There are more, but if you start with these, then you should be good to go. Happy adulting!


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