Decorating our homes and living spaces with wallpaper has been historically a task worth doing and which has made rooms far more spectacular than if otherwise ignored.  Cole and son wallpaper is deemed to be at the top of the décor tree, with a huge array of spectacular designs for all tastes. Often, Cole & Son can be subtle and create a mood of relaxation, but also there are wallpaper patterns which excite and challenge.  The company has been delighting customers and brightening homes for nearly 200 years and was began in London utilising the revolutionary printing presses which had such an impact on all of our lives. Cole & Son began manufacturing machines that printed such wonderful designs and patterns, but swiftly moved to making and designing their own take on modern and interior design, filling homes with stunning wallpaper and transforming many establishments. In 1941, A.P Cole purchased the business and was involved subsequently with the decoration of many palaces, castles and stately homes of the time.  Such was the beauty of the prints and quality of the images through the printing manufacturing excellence, Cole and Son extended its reputation of quality and design.  Naken Interiors Cole & Son collection is a significant one and Naken have always held the history in high regard and now supply to modern day generations with the full range of Cole & Son wallpapers, often helping and advising clients along the way.   Feel free to browse the many collections and brighten your home or living spaces.


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