Business dinners strike fear in the hearts of many. Not only does a person have to choose what to wear to this dinner, but they also need to come up with safe topics of conversation. The wrong choice of clothing or bringing up a sensitive topic could lead to the loss of a client, the end of a partnership, and more. For this reason, people need to learn what to wear, what to say, and which topics should be avoided. Clothing choices tend to be the easiest of the three, and the following are some guidelines anyone can make use of when choosing what to wear for a dinner of this type. 

Color Choices

When selecting an outfit for a business dinner, it’s best to avoid bright, flashy colors or unique color combinations. Stick with items in a single shade or ones with a small pattern. Now is not the time to pull out the purple button-down shirt and combine it with an orange tie. Although this might be your preferred clothing when out with friends, it can present the wrong image to those you are dining with for work purposes. Neutral colors remain a good choice. If a splash of color is desired, keep it simple. Choose a scarf or a handkerchief in a bright shade to complement the outfit without overtaking it. Visit to find some great tips that are perfect for a work dinner and numerous other occasions. 

The Culture

Take into account the culture of the office when dressing for a business dinner. If the atmosphere tends to be conservative, choose classic clothing that won’t stand out in the crowd. Office wear is always appropriate, such as a blouse and blazer or slacks with a sweater. Simply add a few accessories to take the outfit from day to evening. As long as the attire keeps the body covered and isn’t provocative, the wearer should blend in for the occasion. Just keep in mind this is still a job function and treat it as such when choosing clothes.


It’s beneficial to dress up an outfit with accessories when attending a business dinner. Nevertheless, choose these accessories carefully. For example, a man who is trying to sign a conservative client might not want to wear his earring or nose ring. Women need to make certain their necklaces won’t hang down into their food and their bracelets won’t clink together and disrupt normal conversation. If in doubt, less jewelry is best. A simple pair of stud earrings or a new watch will be enough to add to the outfit without becoming a distraction as the business dinner proceeds. 

The Right Fit

Make certain the clothes fit properly. No man wants to trip over pant legs that are too long when trying to impress clients, and a woman doesn’t want to flash her dinner guests because her blouse is too big. The same is true of clothing that is too tight. This tends to send the wrong impression and can lead to the loss of a client, contract, or prospect. Spend the money to have clothes tailored. Doing so is cheaper than purchasing custom made items, but still leaves the wearer looking his or her best. 

Keep these guidelines in mind when choosing an outfit for your next business dinner. By following these suggestions, you’ll find you cannot go wrong. Furthermore, you’ll impress those you are dining with when it comes to your fashion sense. As a result, you’ll feel more confident, and that will show throughout the meal. That is always a benefit when interacting with others at a work function.