Woodworking is an excellent hobby or profession. The skill is something that is difficult to forget, and it has many practical effects in reality. After one project, there is always another one waiting, especially if you own a home that needs some work done. However, woodworking also requires a bunch of knowledge and tools to successfully complete a project. Before you undertake any endeavor, such as making a table or perhaps repairing some old furniture, you want to make sure you have the right tools, equipment, and planning acumen.

The Right Wood

Wood is not made equal. There are some varieties that are better for projects than others, especially if you want to create a piece of furniture or a similar object. If you are just beginning your woodworking career, consider buying pine, cedar, cherry, redwood, or maple boards. These will be easier to cut, sand, and shape.

Once you have the type of wood you want, be sure to purchase a little extra. While you can measure the exact dimensions of your project, you’re going to want to have spare material available in case you make a mistake. This will save you from extra trips to the store for more.

The Right Saws

When the average individual imagines woodworking, they probably think of saws first. Before wood can be filed, planed, and shaped properly, it needs to be cut to the general size that will be used. So, you need to possess the right saw for the job.

Not all saws are made equal. The most common one seen in woodworking, though, is the circular saw. This is an electronic tool with a vertical, rotating blade with a serrated edge. It is usually standing up on it’s own table and can be used to make clean cuts on boards and slabs. While most are vertical, you can also get horizontal circular saws similar to those seen in old mills. These blades tend to be used for ripping along the grain to split boards.

There are three types of circular saws: those that cut with the grain, those that slice against it, and those that can do both.

Besides circular saws, you might also need a handsaw, jigsaw, and bandsaw. The handsaw requires your force to make typically vertical cuts. The jigsaw is a straight, handheld tool that can be used to make cuts in the middle of boards. A bandsaw combines circular and saber saws and works well for making intricate cuts. Figure out what saws you will need and buy the tools before you begin the project.

The Right Clamps

There is nothing more annoying than working on a project and having the surface move. In many cases, this movement will completely ruin the artistic endeavor since the action cannot be undone. This is especially true in woodworking, since one wrong cut can destroy a piece of wood. So, you’re going to need clamps to hold the boards in place. Most people know what clamps are – there are two pieces of plastic, wood, or metal that can be tightened. To get the best clamps, you can find more information here.

The Right Planers and Sanders

A planer is a cutting tool designed to help smooth wooden surfaces and remove minor amounts of wood to make small adjustments. All planers shave off wood fibers using a thin blade. Eventually, the surface the planer is used on will become smooth. A sander, on the other hand, is a tool which has a raised, rough, abrasive end.

So, you need to determine whether or not a planer or sander will work better for your project. In some cases, you might need to use both of them. There are a couple of different types of planer and sanders. Some are used for broad work while others work on more intricate details. Test out a few before making a purchase.


Once you have the proper tools and materials, you then need to create a plan for your project. Remember to take measurements and sketch out and measure the piece of furniture or object you want to create. This will stop you from wasting materials in the long run and will help with the planning. You will also know the kind of tools you will need. Once you have everything, you can get started and have that piece of handmade woodworking you’ve always wanted!


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