Being placed in charge of organising the hen do for a friend is an honour, but it can also be a very dauting task; the most challenging part being thinking of an idea in the first place! Depending on the natures of the bridal party members, there are a few go to ideas which are bound to be a success, and here we list a few to help you get off to a flying start.


You’ve probably tried your hand at online casinos; they’re hard to resist with so many great deals like this boom galaxy offer, and it’s pretty easy to get your hands on some winnings. However, if you want to experience the real deal, visiting a real-life casino can be a really exciting hen do idea. You can experience the opulent surroundings, the bright lights and sounds that add to the exhilarating experience, make the most of the free nibbles and drinks, and of course take part in a table game together which can be a really fun team activity. Some casinos offer stunning restaurants and rooms too so you can make a real night of it. 


If you’re looking for something a little more upmarket, booking in an afternoon at a vineyard is the perfect solution. Most vineyards offer tours of the grounds as well as the all-important wine tasting sessions for your and the bridal party to enjoy. It’s a great way for the bride to relax before the big day as well as being a stimulating experience for everyone as they learn all about different wines and how they are made. For an extra special touch, you could buy a few bottles of the bride’s favourite wine for the top table at the wedding. 

Spa Weekend

If you think a relaxing, chilled time is what the bride would most appreciate at this stressful time, a spa weekend ticks all the boxes. You can all enjoy a dip in the pool, or a glass of champagne in the jacuzzi whilst discussing the upcoming nuptials and what married life will be like. Next, you can relax in the sauna and steam room followed by a bite to eat in the restaurant. Then you can all have some spa treatments; a massage could be what she needs, or she could use the opportunity to get her nails done ready for the big day. 

Whether you opt for an exhilarating casino trip trying your hand at some fast-paced table games, you choose an educational excuse to drink plenty of wine, or go for an ultra-relaxing weekend in a spa, you’re going to create one happy bride! It’s important to think about what is best for her at such an important time in her life, as well what everyone else will enjoy as the mood will be lowered if anyone is uncomfortable. For more tips on the run up to a wedding or everything that comes after, has some great articles like What Do You Need in Your First Apartment?


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