Farm, country, and rustic weddings are considered to be one of the most charming ceremonies due to their sheer simplicity and timeless feel.

And if the couple tying the knot comprises of two country romantics at heart, then it gets even better. Their love for each other and the décor style exudes through each simple yet carefully selected decoration and piece of furnishing.

But if you have just had the fortune to start calling your longtime partner a fiancé, you don’t need to wait until your wedding day to show off your love that way.

By announcing your big day with country themed save the dates, you cannot only give your guests a chance to set their calendars, but also declare the theme to your wedding in a fashionable manner.

How Effective are Country Themed Save the Dates at Setting the Mood to Your Wedding?

When you send over save the date cards to your social circle, they achieve more than their basic function.

It’s true that they serve the dual purpose of being your wedding date announcement and the reminder for the recipient to make themselves available for the celebration. But apart from that, save the dates also set the overall mood to your wedding.

Even small design choices on the invites or subtle references to the overall feel of what your wedding celebration is going to be like go a long way. A mason jar at one corner or a stack of hay at the other, a save the date card can actually become the very start of your wedding celebration.

Therefore, by sending over country themed save the dates to your social circle, you basically tell your wedding guests what kind of celebration they could expect. And this does them a huge favor.

How Can Your Guests Benefit from That?

No matter what wedding theme you and your fiancé end up choosing for your special day, it is important to tell your guests about that decision.

This way, they are not caught off guard when they actually attend the ceremony. For instance, if your guests know that you are going to have a country or rustic farm wedding, then they would be expecting something along those lines from the wedding venue itself. And walking into a barn or farm setting won’t catch them by surprise but put a smile on their face.

From there, it would all be a matter of those smiles accompanied by warm hearts and pure joy, since your farm wedding would then be in full effect to treat your guests with the experience you intended to provide from the very start.

Basic Invite Can Provide You with One of a Kind Country and Mason Jar Invites

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Therefore, whether you are looking for just save the dates cards or complete wedding stationery, make sure to reach out to Basic Invite today!


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