You’ve just met this great person online and things seem to be pretty perfect. You both like the same things and you get on really well – so surely there’s a catch? With today’s world of technology, it’s so easy for people to make up who they are. Which is why so many people are worried that the person who seems great online, might not actually be real. Sure, there’s another person sitting on the other end, but are they really who they say they are and how can you be sure?

Whilst it’s true that all relationships are built on trust, too many people are getting played by catfishes and people who omit the truth. In the online dating world, you can never be too careful, and often it’s a lot better to do a background check when you can, particularly if you are planning on meeting up in person. If anything, it just gives a person a bit of peace of mind beforehand, so there is nothing wrong with seeing what else they might get up to online.

Google Them

The first way that you can find stuff out about them is to just Google them. This is probably the easiest way you can search them and one that is commonly used by people. However, although you will get results by just typing their name into Google, you probably aren’t getting the results that you want. Particularly if the person you are talking to, has a common name. You’ll end up scrolling for hours until you find what you want.

So, the best thing that you can do would be to include other things in your google search. For example, you should try searching their email address and also their full name (but make sure you put their full name in quotes like this “Full Name”). You should also make sure to add any additional details likes divorce, girlfriend, outstanding debt, school etc. This will help you narrow down your search and helps you to find out any information that you might have. Just remember to take everything you read with a grain of salt, unless you’re absolutely sure that the site you are using has all the facts.

Do a Criminal Record Search

A lot of people might have had a run in with the law at some point in their lives. However, not every criminal charge is a deal breaker. However, the person you are talking to probably doesn’t want to tell you that they have a criminal record, and if they do, then you should wait for them to tell you about it first, as they may just be waiting for the right time. But if you think that something seems off about the person you are talking to, then looking up arrest records might be the best thing to do, just in case.

In the United States, criminal records are generally part of the public record, so they should be easy enough for you to view them. There are obviously a few steps that you will have to go through though. This is because criminal records are recorded and filled differently depending on the local laws. If it comes up dry, then that either means that they don’t have a criminal record, of the courthouse does not maintain criminal records online. If this is the case, you may have to pay a small administrative fee in person. If you don’t want to do that though, then check out this next step.

Search for their Social Media Platforms

When all else fails, social media is your best option. Pretty much most people are online these days, and even when they’re not, they have friends or family who will tag them in stuff anyway. You should make sure that you check all social media platforms though (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest). You could even take a look and see if they have a LinkedIn accounts.

If you struggle to find them, then change up your search term. Don’t just search their name, but instead include their last name and location to help narrow your search. If you can search for their email and phone number as well, this will help you find the exact person that you are looking for. These are just a few things that you can do to help you find out as much information for the person you are talking to. If, however, you find yourself on the dating apps all the time – then have you considered that you might be a dating app addict?


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