Dating in any age could be an enthralling yet exhausting experience. Those who have been dating for a few years could relate to this feeling, and those who have just delved into dating as a full time experience might resonate with it in a while.

Either way, when someone gets into dating, it seems just as lucrative as it is tiresome. Some people tend to find that balance which helps them get through this with ease until they find that special someone.

But there are some who just cannot get enough of it.

No matter how bad dating seems to be on the surface, such dating aficionados simply cannot part ways with it. It remains the same way even if they have found Russian candidate with good Russian dating reviews who matches their preferences to a T.

That’s when it gets worrisome.

If you have been feeling the same way, then reading through the following 10 signs would help you determine if you actually are addicted to dating and dating apps.

1. You Have Found Someone, But You Haven’t Gotten Rid of Dating Apps

Have you found someone really interesting to talk to? Perhaps you have gone on a few dates with them as well?

If you are still chasing other prospects after 3 dates with this person, then it might be a sign that you prefer dating more than settling down, as has been researched by our friends at You would need to look into this behavior and see the reasons behind it.

2. Dating via Dating Apps Has Become a Priority Over Other Social Engagements

Has dating and meeting new people become your priority to the point where you are putting your other responsibilities behind?

Being infatuated with someone you are chatting with on the dating app is one thing, but ditching your friends repeatedly just so you could endlessly text random people on your phone is another. If this happens, then it’s time to give your to-do list a good look.

3. Dating is More of a Hobby Than Anything Else

If you haven’t visited the gym, haven’t watched your favorite TV show or haven’t enjoyed a sports game in a while in favor of a dating app, then it may be time to revisit your hobbies. Make sure that “dating” hasn’t become one of them.

If not caught in time, it could lead you down a slippery slope.

4. You Seem to Be Checking Dating Apps During Work Hours

Once again, it’s perfectly understandable if you are using your phone in your break timings during work to do anything.

But it gets quite questionable when you start checking the dating apps during your work. When this happens, it points to a serious problem that needs to be addressed.

5. Your Emotional Balance Relies on Dating Apps

When you have a particularly good day on dating apps in terms of different conversations or one liners, you seem to be happy throughout your day. Similarly, when things don’t go as well, it reflects on your mood as well.

Overall, this is a sign of things turning out of hand, and for you to take a step back.

6. You Seem to Turn to Dating to Work Out Different Issues in Your Life

Is work not going well? Are your finances taking a hit? Is there any other issue that’s making you worried? If your answer to any of those questions was simply to open your dating app rather than address the issue, then it would be a sign of you having to make a change.

An over reliance on dating apps shows that you are turning to them instead of solving your problems. This demonstrates unhealthy behavior.

7. You Spend More Time Dating Than Doing Anything Else Outside of Work

If you have become the kind of person who has more dates than actual meals in a week, then it highlights a very apparent problem.

Make sure that you are aware of this and stop this behavior in its tracks to attain a proper balance in your life.

8. You Are Trying to Get Over Something Through Dating Apps

It may have been a bad breakup; it could be a personal issue; or it could be an addiction that you got over recently.

If you think that you are relying on dating apps to forget about a recent trauma or change, then it would be time to put dating apps to rest for a while and focus on processing the source of the grief.

9. Your Confidence is Plummeting

If you have been feeling that you take to dating apps whenever you receive a particularly bad feedback at work or have a bad discussion with your family, then you might be seeking an injection of confidence through these platforms than anything else.

To avoid this turning into an even stronger addiction, assess the behavior and take the steps to stop it. Remember, an online compliment from a stranger doesn’t mean as much as the confidence that comes from within you.

10. A Large Amount from Your Paycheck Goes to Restaurant Bills

Not every online conversation has to end up being a date, and not every date has to end up in a fancy restaurant.

But when your wallet shows you that your restaurant bills are eating up a large chunk of your paycheck, it is a time to put a stop to your frequent dinners with your dates.

If you exhibit any of these behaviors, then it is time to approach your perspective towards dating as a serious issue than harmless fun.

Accepting that you have a problem would be the most important step towards recovery. The rest of the journey from there would be easier. If you need further help, then don’t hesitate from reaching out to friend or family member accordingly.


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