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1. Vols rebre DVD’s gratis? 8971
2. Artemixta Edizioni S.n.c. – Presenta un catalogo di parti e partiture di brani composti o trascritti per strumenti a fiato. 7969
3. Fresno Community Concert Band 6593
4. Sandin, Ulf Ken – Bass player and former member of bands such as Alien, Swedish Erotica, Da Vinci and Transport League. About the bands he plays in, biography, discography and the gear he uses. 6677
5. Ràdio UC Ei Vissa – Al 87.8 de la FM. Progaramació i noticies. 5291
6. EPC Choir Introduction – A campaigning choir, supporting peace, justice and freedom around the world. Includes details of recordings, lyrics, and contact details. 5182
7. BLINDFAD – italien Hardcore Metal band Profoundly introspective lyrics distinguish them from your typical metal band. The sound is a mix between metal and hardcore. Some say Blindfad puts power and positive violence in nowadays pop music. Aggressive and powerful rock riffs combined with emotional screaming, touching vocals and haunting melodies, harmonious bass and a hard-hitting drum, giving Blindfad their own sound. It stands out from the mass. The band started performing live on stage in 2000. Now with even more then 200 live shows and still counting. Powered by different sponsors like Dirtbag Clothing (USA), Funeral Clothing (USA), Urban Warrior Clothing (Italy) and Ideas For Drummer (Italy) Blindfad is going strong. Shared the stage with the most promising Italian bands like Guilty Method, Out of Project, Browbeat, GF93, K-Again and YAK. Italy, Lombardy, Milan 5158
8. On this site you can find information on DJ EXT latest projects, show dates, and booking/contact info. You can finally download DJ EXT’s CDs in MP3 format and burn them yourself if you wish! 6392
9. Country music act; fan club, biography, photo gallery, video and audio clips. 5525
10. 4530
11. Bloomline Coryphée – State-of-the-art music recording company. 5586
12. Bourbon, Claude – Acoustic guitar player and vocalist – the frog with the blues. 5595
13. LeneOnline – Dedicated to the singer who got a guitar at the age of fifteen, and only a few years later released her debut single. 4810
14. Mementofan – Memento fan site includes concert dates, band biographies, and lyrics. 4762
15. Philip Gibbs – Includes bio and audio samples. 4724
16. Tar Hut Records Home of The Lonesome Brothers and Angry Johnny & the Killbillies 4599
17. Fynyte – A Vermont Christian Rock Band<br> “Just a Little Kid” (JALK) is complete and COPIES HAVE ARRIVED! The cd’s have a full band version and a killer acoustic version. Send us your mailing address and we’ll send you a copy 4924
18. Publisher of editions of early and contemporary music for voices and instruments. Music typesetting. Located in Albany, California. 4834
19. Airstar is a loose creative collective built around three core members: Prod, Harv and Jules. Performing their songs as an acoustic trio, creating dream-like ambient textures with a full band line-up or operating in an electronic, loop-based format, Airstar’s strength lies in the depth of their material, celebrating the wonder of the everyday with melodies to die for. 4819
20. The pilot project linking the music news moguls and the restaurants kicks off today, April 1st. Whenever a band breaks up, print out the Punknews article announcing the split and bring it to any of the company’s over 27,200 locations for a free 6 inch sub with the purchase of a large drink (some conditions apply – only valid on the date the 4872


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