Buying gifts for people can sometimes feel like a chore and you may find yourself struggling to find the imagination to think of anything they would really be grateful for. When it comes to buying for your other half, it is even harder as you’re trying to find something that will adequately portray your feelings for them. Rather than the usual stereotypical gifts; flowers, jewellery, a meal, why not think outside the box and get them something they won’t expect. This will show them that you have really given it thought which is the most important thing. Here, we run through some ideas that have probably never crossed your mind.

Sensory Deprivation

Sensory deprivation is a practice that removes every single stimulant from your immediate surroundings, in order to create complete peace. Usually a sensory deprivation session involves lying in a water tank with no light source and which has been completely sound proofed. The water will be room temperature so that your skin is desensitized, and you can float so that you don’t have to move a muscle. Sensory deprivation is the ultimate form of relaxation, so if you have a partner who leads a busy life or is constantly distracted by their phone, this can be a real blessing for them. Many therapy centres now offer sensory deprivation sessions so you can easily book a truly unique experience for them.


Buying shares for your partner is not only a sensible, intelligent choice but it will also have the potential to really benefit them longer term. Depending on the kind of shares you buy, this may not be a particularly exciting present for them however, they will appreciate the fact that you have got them something they will truly benefit from. When it comes to shares, there are two main types which are safe, reliable options. Firstly, cryptocurrency has a real future judging by its huge growth so far. If you look back through the history of currency you can see that it is inevitably heading towards digitalisation and cryptocurrency has taken the biggest stride in this direction so far. For more info, check out Crypto News. Another option is buying shares in an index fund. When investing in index funds you’re investing in a number of different shares therefore heightening your chances of making an overall gain. Just remember that if your partner makes a lot of money from their shares it is technically theirs, not yours!


You wouldn’t think so, but space has a lot to offer when it comes to unique presents. First of all, you can actually buy land on the moon. This may not come in very handy but it’s pretty cool for them to know that they own part of the moon. And you never know, maybe one day if the idea catches on, the value of the moon will sky rocket. Secondly, you can now name a star after your loved one, so they can look up into the night sky knowing that somewhere out there is a star named after them.

Unusual gifts are a great way to show the person you love that you’ve really put some thought into what you’ve bought for them. For more couple tips check out


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