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1. The mindfridge co-operative is a collection of like-minded people who pool their resources to run a professional server at a low cost (compared to the commercial alternatives). We do not make a profit, just share the running costs of a server between a number of people. 9669
2. Recruitment for UK sales jobs in IT, call centre, management, internet, telecomms, technical… 10456
3. bald rhetoric – I’m here. I’m bald. Get used to it. A loud bald man’s take on the world. Would you like to join in? Collection of blogs 9297
4. K-Lite Mega Codec Pack K-Lite Kazaa Lite Resurrection K++ P2P Download Revolution Light Kazza Kaza Kaaza Kazaa Gold kazaalite mp3s mp3 Free MP3 Download 9665
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6. Integrating information from disparate systems, platforms and formats is a hot topic in today’s marketplace. Many businesses and organizations are discovering that e-business integration is key to increasing efficiency, cutting operational costs, and streamlining business processes. Until now, enterprise integration solutions have been extremely costly to acquire, integrate, and maintain. The key to solving the barriers to entry into an e-business integration system is offered by the open source community 10211
7. enphocus Data Capture Systems – Input Management – Document imaging and scanning services, web based document management, data capture, and forms processing. 10158
8. Creative Case – Present a tool to develop applications on the basis of terms and relations of the applied field without programming 9636
9. SigEp NC Iota – Barton College – Sigma Phi Epsilon Housing Corporation 10258
10. Sashi-isms, KayEl-dwelling couch string-bean, web-head and wannabe writer seeks fame and fortune – preferably the latter. 7709
11. Accounting Management Software Offering customized Oracle-based accounting management software. 9348
12. Our Place Free Code Library Searchable database of VB and ASP Code 8014
13. DSLcon – one of industry conferences that cover xDSL technologies 9377
14. Ron’s Internet Marketing Tools – Your online resource for Internet marketing tools and tips and SEO information for website owners and webmasters. 8172
15. Creative Wedding Page – Australian company offers personalized wedding websites to match your theme. Features two and four month hosting packages and your story, gift registry and rsvp pages. 8366
16. Blade <br> Offers posting and sharing of fan fiction for the movie.<br> Welcome to the Blade Fanfiction Web Site. Please be aware that the movies Blade and Blade 2 are the property of New Line Cinema. This site is NOT the official Blade Web Site. It is a place for fanfiction inspired by the movies Blade and Blade 2 . This Web site is not created to profit from the movie, but is a place for those who wish to write fanfiction to share ideas and writing. 7437
17. ADTRAN is a progressive supplier of Innovative Networking Solutions that enable today’s widespread telecommunications activities, including Internet Access, telecommuting, corporate connectivity and other high speed digital tasks. Used extensively in the advanced networks of Regional Bell Operating Companies, competitive local exchange carriers, Internet service providers, and private and public enterprises worldwide, ADTRAN products consistently reduce operating costs and improve network performance. 8092


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