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1. Karen of Cove Creek – Rustic gemstone and freshwater pearl jewelry. Featuring handmade jewelry includes sterling silver, Swarovski crystal, pearls and lampwork. Cultured pearls, and jewelry including rings, necklaces, and earrings. Includes buyer’s guide, appraisal services, and information about pearl production and selection.Handmade jewelry of stone, glass, pearl, and sterling silverDesigner of bridal, quartz, pearl and semi-precious stones jewelry. 7337
2. Hand crafted gates, lighting, fireside and decorative items. Showcases its product range. 7412
3. Santa’s House – Various Christmas ornaments, decorations, and collectibles. 7522
4. Number Plates Elite – A selection of personalised plates for sale. 7363
5. Ring of the Ice Queen – A mysterious Ring, still attached to the perfectly preserved severed hand of the Queen of the Ice Lands. 6882
6. Free to join, members only, organization. To provide members with the opportunity to purchase high quality products at discount prices is EBG purpose. 5134
7. Elizabeth’s Shopping – Whether you need a special gift for a birthday, wedding, anniversary, baby shower, holiday celebration or any other occasion, you will find unique gifts here 5875
8. Austin, Coleman – Century 21 Elegant Homes 6785
9. Clean-Rite, Inc. – Provides industrial and environmental services for heavy industry. Includes services, equipment, health and safety training and contact information. 5451
10. Giddy Designs Unique Clothes for the Real You. Custom clothes in the London Area, by Brigitte Juergensen. Whatever you want – whether it’s a dress for that special occasion, a new outfit to wear at the club or a whole set of theatrical costumes, you can find it here. 6518
11. Beaumont Accountancy – Book Keeping & Accountant Services for Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire and London, UK – offers full book keeping and accountant services across Bedfordshire including Payroll, VAT returns & more. Competitive prices with courier service 6123
12. Main products are, apron, night clothes, collar, embroidered clothes and long stick lace. 7043
13. – we offer Anniversary Rings, Wedding Bands, Fashion Jewelry, Diamond Jewelry, Gifts, Belly Rings, wenger watches 7156
14. Luttmann’s Leather – Retailer specializing in the sale and service of leather goods. 5255
15. Exclusives Lingerie – Offers lingerie, swimwear, nightwear, hosiery and menswear. Product selection and online purchasing. 5955
16. Carringtons World of Furniture – Supplier of fabric and leather suites, traditional and modern furniture. Delivery within the UK and certain other areas of the world. 2899
17. Crafts Unique Home Page – Handcrafted personalised gifts for all sophisticated e-payment software. Click Here to add Crafts Unique to your 5895
18. GLASSHOUSES.ORG, Look for the ridiculous in everything!<br> What you need, when you need it 5122
19. Roy’s Toys – Traditional toy retailer. Includes online shop. 5171
20. Refinance First Mortgage Rates offers Amortization Colorado Loan Broker Purchase You Refinancing Which Colorado To Refinance Home Loans Credit 4585
21. Jiraffe – Independent UK designed and manufactured childrenswear 0 to 4 years. 6248
22. Welcome to Roydon Ceramics, the place to go for personalised china. Our items are ideal for gifts, for commemorative occasions, or for use around the home. We can customise your selected articles with colours, words or motifs of your choice. 5373
23. 5339
24. Elettro Mina – Vendita al dettaglio di elettrodomestici, presentazione del negozio e dei marchi rappresentati. 5886
25. A line of hand-crafted shawls, scarfs, ruanas and capes woven in silks and wools by the artisan women of Boyacá, Colombia. 5170
26. Cognac Godet – A fine French brandy 5231
27. Catálogos de productos ADB para teatro y televisión 5280
28. Service Bridal Directory<br> Bridal Shop Directory – Bridal Gowns, Bridesmaids, Prom and More in this Full 5410
29. We specialise in factory clearance carpet rolls and roll ends at bargain prices along with a complete range of a top brand name carpets and flooring products. 5204
30. Sony camcorders have long been viewed as leaders in the field, and Sony’s current crop of models offers options for movie makers on many different budgets. Popular for their ease of use, Sony camcorders are a favorite among point and shoot consumers. On this site you can compare prices and find reviews on selected Sony digital camcorders. 5109
31. Welcome To – My Personal Shopper, a unique gift buying and luxury gift wrapping service for all special occasions. 4972
32. Swords. We sell a wide range of swords of historic interest. You will find beautiful replicas of such historic swords as Richard the Lionheart’s sword, Edward , the Black Prince’s sword, William Wallace’s great longsword ( featured in the film Braveheart) , as well as swords from film and legend – Merlin the sorcerer, Excalibur – King Arthur’s mystical blade and Conan, the Barbarians impressive sidearm plus more. 5165
33. 1 stop shop for Hand made Bridal Wear Including: Bridal Hooped skirts, Bridal Veils, Bridal Favour Bags & Bridal Headdress all made to order (paypal) 5394
34. Bahamas Ocean Jewellery, a beautiful line of necklaces and earrings hand-made in The Bahamas and now available for purchase online. Brought to you by Astrid Productions. 5082


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