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1. office jokes the biggest collection of office jokes. Funny Office Jokes Funny Stories with hilarious office jokes, working stories, business jokes and funny corporate one liners, just plain stupid and really dumb jokes, humor and dirty jokes, clean jokes 6966
2. Some Funny Riddles to wake up your brain. Riddles are a form of lateral thinking, and good brainpower exercise. Here you will find some of the best Funny Riddles on the Internet. Come in and browse around Welcome to our page «funny riddles» where there are huge amount of ridiculous and clever riddles and comic questions which will be interesting both for children, and adults. Here you can find funny riddles and jokes to spend wonderful time in your company during long trips or when you have a rest on fresh air or have a picnic in the country. Our ridiculous questions and answers to them will help you to organize any action – festival, birthday party, anniversary party, wedding party, Christmas or New Year party. And all participants will remember this party for a long time. You can apply all materials both in the big audience, and on a youth party, in family, in a circle of close friends and colleagues. On our site you can find old and new cheerful entertaining riddles and jokes, and also the questions checking your knowledge in literature, mathematics and physics and the questions, demanding logic. All primitive peoples had ceremony of dedication of boys in full members of a clan – hunters. To pass the test on a maturity, the boy needed to prove the physical strength, dexterity, courage. And his wit, knowledge and ingenuity he should show in guessing riddles. In our days funny riddles became widespread. The are often based not only on sharpness but also on mess of similar sounding words. 82444


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