Cannabidiol or CBD is a term that you may have seen come up on the news lately. Where you once heard all about marijuana, the reports are now full of cannabidiol and its many benefits.

That’s not all. Wherever you look, whether it is at TV stars or runway models, you can see them endorsing one cannabidiol product or another. Instagram is full of these mentions. This is regardless of whether they remain paid advertisements or personal endorsements.

So what exactly is cannabidiol and why is it such a big deal now?

What is Cannabidiol?

green cannabis plant close-up photography

Cannabidiol is an organic molecule or compound that is obtained through the cannabis plant. Cannabis is known for its psychoactive or euphoria-inducing effects. But it also holds various medicinal properties.

But through a scientific process, people are now able to separate those psychoactive ingredients and those therapeutic properties.

Through this process, the substance that is derived to have the medicinal benefits without any psychoactive effects is called cannabidiol.

It Gives You Relief Without Getting You High

The other popular compound in cannabis is tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). But it is largely associated with being psychoactive. This is the main substance that causes users to get high whenever they smoke or consume marijuana.

Since there is no THC in cannabidiol at all, there is no reason or cause for it to make people high. Yet, almost all the medicinal effects that come with the plant are present in it.

This way, cannabidiol represents the best of both worlds.

This is also why the U.S. government legalized CBD in all 50 states.

It Can be Consumed in All 50 States of the U.S.

As mentioned above, cannabidiol and its associated products can be used by anyone in 50 states across the U.S.

But that stipulation only stands if the cannabidiol doesn’t have any amount of THC in it.

For instance, if you are purchasing CBD oil, then you need to make sure that it only has cannabidiol in it. If there are even trace amounts of THC available, then you may not carry it around all over the country.

It Can Be Used By the Elderly, Athletes, and Pets

Due to its non-psychoactive effects, cannabidiol and its associated products can be used by the elderly, athletes, as well as pets.

The elderly could use it for chronic pain relief and stress relief among other issues. Athletes can use it to relieve muscle stress, mental stress and weight issues. Whereas, pets are now given cannabidiol as well to help them through a host of anxiety, behavioral and physical issues.

Here Are All the Issues That Cannabidiol Could Resolve

While cannabidiol can help with a variety of issues, here are the most common conditions that it can alleviate for its users.

  • Anxiety disorders
  • Stress disorders
  • Panic disorders
  • Focus issues
  • Muscle stress
  • Muscle pain
  • Insomnia

Due to how effective cannabidiol has proven to be around these problems, the substance is gaining all the more traction across the world. It is to the point where it has now become a trend to use or to talk about cannabidiol. But it is certainly a good thing as well, since the substance is able to help people with a host of issues.

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For many, the term “weight loss” seems to be an instigator of some of the scariest thoughts. Not only does it mean that they have put on some weight, but that it is in a bit of a surplus.

macro shot photo of scale But as simple as weight loss is shown to be by slimming teas and other toxic substances, it is not an easy road to travel. You need to make sure that you are losing your weight naturally. Not through harmful supplements that are just there to affect your health negatively.

As such, regardless of what anyone says, always remember that the best way to naturally lose weight is through exercise. Only by working out can you actually lose the fat you have accumulated overtime.

But while you exercise, it is also important to ensure that you are doing everything you can to make your efforts count. Working out alone can only get you so far. You also need your body to react to your exercise, and do so in a natural manner.

And what better organic way to do that than cannabidiol or CBD, the substance that has taken the world by storm?

What is Cannabidiol?

Cannabidiol is a substance that is obtained from marijuana. Unlike the plant, it doesn’t have any psychoactive properties. But it still holds the same therapeutic benefits that marijuana has become famous for.

Essentially, this means that cannabidiol lets you benefit from marijuana’s medicinal properties without inducing euphoria. This non-activity on the brain in terms of the “high” effects makes cannabidiol more of a medicinal or therapeutic substance than anything else.

From mental health to physical ailments, these properties could help in a number of issues. It also holds true in terms of weight loss, where you can use cannabidiol to your advantage.


To help you understand how it all works, here are 5 reasons why you should try cannabidiol in weight loss.

1. It Could Help Your Metabolism

Cannabidiol could help improve your metabolism. It does so by effects such as increasing the level of “good fat” (brown fat) in your body, and improving your blood flow. Similar effects come together to provide you with a faster metabolism, which aids in weight loss.

2. It Could Improve Your Focus

When you workout, it is important to keep your mind and body in sync. If your mind isn’t focused on the physical activity, then your body won’t be able to perform. Cannabidiol can help clear your mind of stray thoughts and help you focus on your exercise. This way, you can get the most out of each workout session.

3. It Could Increase the Good Fat in Your Body

In addition to improving your metabolism, cannabidiol can actually increase the amount of good fat in your body. It helps turn the “bad fat” (white fat) and turns it into calories-burning good fat. This keeps your body healthy while also helping with weight loss.

4. It Could Relax Your Muscles for a Better Workout

Cannabidiol and its many forms such as CBD oil work as a great muscle relaxant. When you use cannabidiol, it makes sure that your muscles are relaxed before each workout. This lets you workout more effectively. You are able to work your body more, which has a direct effect on your weight loss.

5. It Could Let Your Body Rejuvenate Faster

Among its many other benefits, cannabidiol is famous for its rejuvenating and anti-inflammation properties. For someone who works out regularly, feeling sore is a normal thing. But it can sometimes get in the way of achieving their goals. Use cannabidiol regularly to make sure you are not barricaded by post-workout soreness. It helps you put in more time at the gym without missing a single day.

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For any dog owner, the term “separation anxiety” wouldn’t be anything new.

Associated with torn up furniture, soiled carpets, and most of all, sad-looking pets, separation anxiety is anything but fun.

Thanks to treatments such as cannabidiol or CBD for dogs, the condition can now be alleviated in an organic and safe manner.

What is Separation Anxiety?

Mild anxiety is very common within dogs, who usually get nervous whenever their owner isn’t around for prolonged hours. But when they have separation anxiety, the nervousness takes on new heights.

It could manifest into disruptive behavior. And in turn, the destruction of your personal belongings, your couch cushions, your actual couch, and your curtains to name a few.

And that is just the start.

Yet, it is not your dog’s fault at all. The worry they feel while being away from you is not something they can help. And since they cannot verbally let you know, they act out through physical actions like the ones described above.

All of it is really, a cry for attention. They feel helpless at being away from you, and they want to express their frustration any way they can. And that is why, it gets expressed in the only way they know.

Symptoms of Separation Anxiety

Separation anxiety can happen to any dog breed. It could also happen at any age. As such, it is best to keep an eye out for the common signs of this condition. It helps you determine whether your dog is simply acting out or if they have this condition that needs help.

Some of the most common reasons behind separation anxiety include but are not limited to:

  • Being left home alone.
  • Having a new owner.
  • Loss of a loved one.
  • Change in routine.

If your dog’s disruptive behavior coincides with any of these events that have happened recently, then you need to get your dog checked for separation anxiety.

Some of the most common symptoms of separation anxiety are mentioned below.

  • Noise disruption. Excessive barking, whining or howling.
  • Accidents. Despite being housebroken, your dog relieves themselves inside the house.
  • Damaging behavior. Your dog may be disrespectful towards your property such as furniture, pillows, and even your walls and floors. Scratching and biting materials is common.
  • Obsessive behavior. Walking through the house for no apparent reason or going from door to windows and vice versa.

How CBD Can Help?

CBD for dogs can be given through CBD oil. Depending on your dog’s weight and their age, your vet could recommend a proper dosage.

The organic chemicals in CBD can interact with your dog’s central nervous system (CNS). They let the brain calm down, which affects your dog’s behavior directly. But since all of it is done in a natural way, you can ensure that the substance doesn’t harm your dog.

As a result, your dog doesn’t have to go through the pain of feeling nervous or anxious. And you don’t have to go through the trouble of cleaning up your house or buying new furniture on a regular basis.

But with that being said, it is important to discuss this with your vet if CBD. Check if it a good option for your dog. Only then should you go ahead with using it.

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Just when you thought that I couldn’t talk about fall any more than I already do, I bust out another fall post for this November.I can’t help it–I just arrived back to Mississippi from my home state of Missouri.

It was a gorgeous trip (pictures to come once I’m done editing) filled with changing leaves, meeting my new 2 year old brother adopted from China, and celebrating my mom’s birthday by her side which has not happened in years. We collected fall leaves, ate homemade pies, watched scary movies and just had a great time all around. Missouri? I heart you and everything that you have.

So with so much fall, I want to share a couple of things that I’m currently crushing on:

1) This candle from Bath and Body Works. It? Is amazingness with three wicks. I love it and promise you will, too.

2) My yummy banana bread recipe. Try it. Love it. Try it some more.

3) Scary movies. Halloween, The Strangers, Gothika. So fall, so fun.

4) LMN’s scary movie weekend coming up. My DVR will probably be full come Monday, but that’s okay with me!

5) Mums of all colors. I want to overflow my porch with fall loveliness. Hoping to slip away this weekend to go and buy some fall pretties for my front porch.

6) Warm recipes. I’ve been cooking, baking, you name it. Leo’s in heaven, the girls are so happy. Fall is definitely a good time over here to eat.

7) And last, but not least, pumpkin spice coffee creamer. It’s back and I bought some today–I almost did a happy dance right there–I was ecstatic.

What’s making fall amazing for you this week? Share below and I’ll have to check it out.

A lot of car brands don’t like to favour one audience over another, taking extra care to sidestep sticky gender politics by creating exclusively asexual models that appeal to both males and females. However, data reveals that there are some noteworthy female car buying habits are developing in the modern era. Archaic and inaccurate gender clichés aside, some distinct differences are beginning to emerge between women and men when it comes to purchasing cars. Here, we take a look at the buying trends we can expect to see during 2019 among women drivers.

Practicality and efficiency will be big buying factors for women

Statistics have shown that price is often the major factor for everyone when it comes to purchasing a car. However, the second biggest influence appears to be different for men and women. According to the data available for 2016, males often find themselves swayed by appearance when shopping for a new set of wheels, but women typically opt for practicality and fuel efficiency. As a result, it is unsurprising to see the likes of the Chevrolet Trax, Buick Encore, and Infiniti QX70 on MarketWatch’s list of cars women are most likely to buy. These three vehicles are all particularly roomy, and don’t require frequent fuel top-ups like other big cars on the market.

Classic cars are a growing female fashion

Modern-day female drivers may adopt a more “sensible” approach towards carbuying than men, but that doesn’t mean they don’t appreciate great style when they see it. Footman James revealed last year that the sales of classic cars are rising among females, and are set to escalate even further during the course of 2017. As many as one in four women now consider purchasing a classic car, which represents a staggering 40% increase over the past two years.


The same study also revealed that women were extremely knowledgeable about which classic cars had experienced an increase in retail value, whereas men were less sure.

This data suggests modern female carbuyers are smart and savvy when it comes to buying vehicles, and many are beginning to develop a taste for some of the finer, more traditional motors on the market.

Expect more female business car ownership in the age of women entrepreneurs

With the number of female entrepreneurs in Britain rising, there is set to be an increase in the amount of women buying business vehicles during 2017.

The corporate-like Chevrolet Volt is one particular model that may see significant sales from women entrepreneurs in the coming year. This electric vehicle sports a fine professional image whilst offering a great deal of space and efficiency – two factors that female drivers are frequently drawn to according to the most recent gender-based carbuying data.

The Scion iA is another car that may do well with women buyers over the next 12 months. Stylish on the inside and out, this model is perfect for many female entrepreneurs seeking a car with a professional look, and also offers terrific value for money with a fuel-economic 1.5-liter four-cylinder engine.

Getting married, starting your family, moving into your first home — these are hallmarks of the American dream for many people who only want to do what they love while raising their families in a safe, welcoming environment. Finding a home you love is the fun part, but in addition to considering the square footage, the size of the backyard, and how many bedrooms it has, you also need to think about the neighborhood that it’s in. Safety is paramount, so here are some things to consider before you move into a new neighborhood.

Educate Yourself on the School District

Image via Flickr by Phillip Pessar

Needless to say, if you’re looking for a neighborhood that’s ideal for children, the school district is one of your first priorities. A simple Google search reveals almost everything you need to know, including quality of education, teacher-to-student ratios, as well as the triumphs or issues of the district and particular schools. You also should think about proximity, bus routes, and whether your child has to take public transportation.

In addition to researching the local schools online, talk to your potential neighbors, particularly those with children who are the same age as yours or older. In other words, speak frankly with people whose kids attend the schools in question. Ask about the teachers, academic programs, extracurricular activities, and graduation rates, for starters.

Research Your Neighbors

It’s essential to know who your neighbors are. Maybe you can’t study all of them by name, but you can discover who’s living in your area. Look up sex offender registries and similar services that reveal the presence of offenders in the vicinity. Uncovering such information about the people in the area may push you in another direction, but that’s all right; your family’s safety is your priority.

Brush up on Crime Stats

It’s critical to look into the crime statistics of any area before you move there. Not only does it affect your family’s safety, but a crime-ridden neighborhood also impacts your homeowner’s and automobile insurance. More to the point, you don’t want to live in an area with a high percentage of break-ins or violent crime. Even if your potential neighborhood has low crime, you should still research the local police departments and other emergency services to learn about their quality, quickness, and reputations.

Check Out the Water Quality

Water is the drink of life. It’s essential. You can buy all the bottled water you want, but you don’t want your spouse or children bathing in or brushing their teeth with sub-par water. You don’t even want the kids playing under the sprinklers if the water’s no good. At the same time, take a look at any information regarding sewage, as well as any past issues with water or other utilities.

A lot of considerations go into the purchase of a new home or the big move to a new neighborhood. Only you know what’s right for your family, but keeping them safe, secure, and happy is paramount. How will you decide on your next move?