Your honeymoon is your first adventure with your newly married loved one, so make it the holiday of a lifetime. It should be your time to relax and settle in to wedded life. There are hundreds of honeymoon destinations to choose from, which can make deciding stressful. However, there are a few top locations that are guaranteed to take your breath away.

Walt Disney World- Orlando, Florida

Why not spend your honeymoon at the happiest place on earth? This is a sure way of creating magical memories that will last forever. From its hair-raising attractions to its fine dining, Disney World has it all.

If you go to guest services in one of the four parks, you can tell a cast member that you’re on your honeymoon and you’ll receive a free badge that says ‘happily ever after’. When other cast members see this badge they will congratulate you and, sometimes, at restaurants they gift you a free dessert to congratulate you on your marriage. Disney resorts also make it easy to customise your trip by simply contacting your hotel’s reception (via phone call or going to the desk) and requesting whatever you wish, whether that be wine, balloons, or rose petals. If you wish to capture every moment of the trip, there are photographers around the parks that are there to take your picture whenever you want.

Paris, France

Or, if Disney isn’t your thing, why not go to the home of romance for your honeymoon? It’s beautiful and iconic sights will amaze you.

If you’re an art lover, make sure to head to the Musee Du Louvre where you’ll see the famous painting the Mona Lisa. Or take a romantic dinner cruise along the Seine river and take in the sights. Of course, it wouldn’t be a trip to Paris without visiting the Eiffel Tower, also a beautiful photo opportunity for you and your loved one. Paris is filled with photogenic nature around almost every corner which provides a nice walk, or run if you’re both active people. There are hundreds of tourist destinations for you to explore together and create new and exciting memories.

Cozumel, Mexico

Looking for a hot destination to relax and unwind? Then Cozumel is the one for you.

Cozumel is an island in Mexico, making it an obvious holiday location for beach lovers. Maybe you and your partner want to try something new? Snorkelling is a popular activity for locals and tourists alike. With its clear water and interesting sea life, Cozumel offers excellent snorkelling. If you’re keen to explore the beautiful waters around this gorgeous island, you can view more here now about which snorkelling accessories to take with you. Cozumel can also reach temperatures as high as 30 degrees Celsius, so you’re guaranteed to get a glowing tan while visiting. The golden beaches also provide a wonderful view of the bright blue sea. History is a big part of the island, with its ancient culture found all over the land. You can visit the sanctuary of the fertility goddess, Ixchel, or go see the ancient Mayan ruins on the north side of the island.

Crete, Greece

Want to immerse yourself in Greek culture and picturesque landscapes? Consider planning your honeymoon in Crete.

Crete is known for having a diverse terrain, having everything from charming fine sand beaches to white mountains. This is good for adventurous couples who want to go on many exploration trips. There are lots of professional tours you can book to go on, or you can go off on your own adventure together and make new memories with each other. Hiking and kayaking are popular activities on the island and good for active couples who want to do more than sit in the sun. However, if you’re all about relaxation there are lots of spas and bars located on and near the beaches in Crete.

Florence, Italy

Florence is well known for is picture-perfect views and fine dining. If you want exciting and unique food on your honeymoon, then Florence is the way to go.

There is a unique, historic charm to Florence that welcomes guests. Its land is rich in historic landmarks such as the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore and the Uffizi Art Gallery. There is an extensive variety of restaurant options in Florence and since food is a staple of Florence’s culture it will not disappoint you. What better way to begin married life than surrounded by some of the most beautiful architecture in the world?

One of these five spots is sure to be your perfect honeymoon destination, so start planning yours today!

Jackson Hole offers a glimpse of Wyoming in times past with untouched wilderness, small settlements and plenty of wildlife.  There are lots of places to visit and things to do while the quality of Jackson Hole vacation rentals means there is somewhere perfect for everyone from couples to families and groups of friends.

A little history

Jackson Hole is the name of the valley that runs from the Gros Ventre Range and the Teton Mountain Range in Wyoming as well as for the main settlement within the valley.  ‘Hole’ was a term used by mountain men who first came to the area because the valley had steep slopes that were hard to climb and felt like entering a hole.

The first town of Jackson was named in 1893 by Margaret Simpson who received all mail to her home at the time because there was no post office.  She named it for David Edward ‘Davey’ Jackson, one of the first white men to overwinter in the area.  Today, the town known as Jackson Hole is to the south end of the valley while other settlements include Wilson, Teton Village, Moran Junction and Moose.

‘Last of the Old West’

One of the claims of Jackson Hole is that it is the ‘last of the Old West’ and it is a claim it can fulfil on.  The town square in Jackson Hole, for example, has wooden boardwalks rather than concrete sidewalks and has two classic Western watering holes – the Million Dollar Cowboy Bar with its saddle bar stool and the Silver Dollar Bar.  The latter is within the Wort Hotel where you can see over 2,000 Morgan Silver Dollars from the mint in Denver placed into the bar.  Scattered around the valley are several authentic dude ranches and the Jackson Hole Rodeo.

Top attractions

The rich history and landscape of the valley mean there is plenty to see and do.  The wildlife in the area is particular noteworthy with almost 500 animal species inhabiting the area including one of the last grizzly bear populations in the mainland US.  The Snake River has the highest number of bald eagles in the region and there are even large, free wandering elk and bison herds to see.

The Tetons and Grand Teton National Park

Top of many must-see lists when visiting the area is the Grand Teton National Park, a 484-square mile national park with a multi-use pathway system and various hiking trails.  The area includes the Snake River and The Tetons, a range of rugged, rocky mountains whose name comes from the Shoshone word ‘Teewinot’ or ‘so many pinnacles’.

Popular spots within the park include Jenny Lake, where there are kayak and canoe rentals, the Jenny Lake shuttle crossing the lake and plenty of hiking trails.  There is also the Craig Thomas Discovery Centre and Visitor Centre at the entrance near Moose.  This is the base for the park rangers and a great place to learn about the wildlife in the park.

Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park holds the record of being the first national park in the world and also to containing some 10,000 active thermal features, most famous of which is Old Faithful.  Most of the 3,500-square mile park is in Wyoming, with some areas in Idaho and Montana.  As well as seeing Old Faithful, visitors should see the Lower Falls, the biggest waterfall in the park at 308 feet.

Jackson Hole Mountain Resort

The Jackson Hole Mountain Resort has been voted nest ski resort in North America for the last five years and is considered the nearest experience to a European ski resort that the US has to offer.  It has the longest continuous vertical rise in the country and the Aerial Tram has become the unofficial mascot of the area – it covers 4139 vertical feet in just 12 minutes and can carry 100 passengers.

National Elk Refuge

The National Elk Refuge covers around 25,000 acres and is the best place to see thousands of wintering elk who gather there to rear their young.  You can watch the dominance fights but make sure you keep your distance!  There are also bison, coyotes and even some wolves seen in the park.  In summer, you can follow the trails to see the Miller House and enjoy the varied fauna that the area is famous for.

Annual events

As well as the many stunning places to visit around the Jackson Hole area, there are also a number of annual events that are worth checking out if you plan to vacation around the time.  The Jackson Hole Fall Arts Festival takes place in September and is one of the top arts festivals in the West with works from acclaimed artists from around the world.

For sports fans, there is the Grand Teton Half-Marathon (June), the Jackson Hole Marathon (September) and the World Championship Snowmobile Hill Climb (March).

Staying in Jackson Hole

One of the best things about staying in Jackson Hole is the variety of luxury villas and hotels that you can stay in.  Many of them have the look and feel of historic homesteads and lodges while there are also ultra-modern hotels.  Accommodation is available from two or four right up to larger groups of 14 and 16 so there is always something to suit your party size.


Jackson Hole offers the chance to Wyoming as it was in times past while still having the best of modern facilities.  Luxury rental accommodation is found alongside stunning national parks and there are also high-quality ski resorts for winter sports fans meaning there is something to suit all tastes in the area.