Fashion is expanding and it is getting more and more innovative, but how outrageous it can get no one really knows. Recently, a new trend has evoked on fashion blogs casino as a new fashion destination. Sounds appealing- what if ‘entertainment’ could really be a new way of expressing an individual’s fashion sense?

Essentially what really is casino?

Casinos are the essence of magnificence and endeavor also called an indoor amusement park for adults. One of the world’s glamorous destinations includes Hotel de Paris Monte-Carlo, Park Hyatt Mendoza Casino and Germany’s Kurhaus in Baden-Baden which is also the world’s oldest casino. Sounds dramatic and astonishing knowing that the world’s wealthiest individuals circulate there. The overall ambiance of a casino is part of the allure for many people.

It is well worth benefiting from online casinos back home before hitting the gaming floor among some of the world’s most prestigious, experienced and wealthy gamblers. This is where could be useful to visit. The popularity of online gambling keeps escalating since its first appearance. The justification for this could be the atmosphere and the ambiance that online casino games offer. 

What is it that really attracts people?

Casinos have some of the world’s most astounding restaurants and hotels attached to them and sophisticated guests wander around the radiant rooms, while they are given the possibility to experience whole divergent emotions. Casinos have dress codes that are always formal and elegant. You can see all diverse styles from black and white tie and formal cocktail dresses to traditional costumes. It can be a complicated determining complex world of style especially when it comes to entering into the world’s prominent gaming spaces.

A visit to the Hotel de Paris Monte Carlo could be described as the ‘vibrant, glamorous, beating heart of the Principality’. It is acclaimed for its innovation and everyone makes an effort with their styling. It is necessary to invest in the right accessories to do up your look – from a Gucci designer bag, a silk Dior dress, and a classic red Chanel lipstick to complete the look.

Pure facts

It is a known fact that French women are effortlessly flawless within the casino. Women inside always look intense. Casinos also showcase cultural properties which makes the experience even more adventurous while events such as sensual tango dancing to famous rich red wine tastings make each experience better than the other.

Argentinian casinos have unique interiors with vibrant reds, pinks, greens paired with floor-length dresses, fabrics with traditional Argentinian masks.

However, Kurhaus in Baden-Baden is very different from other casinos. It is a place for the social elite and up to now has been considered to be the most beautiful and the oldest casino to embellish our planet. It has very abstract aesthetic dancers and dressed in oversized chandeliers and red tones. It is probably the magnificent aristocratic elegance. Guests are given a chance to dress in a way that manifests the history of its walls. Most visitors are adorned in a classy heritage-inspired dress. Stepping into the marvelous building you can see all sorts of deep velvets and expensive fur jackets, pearls, diamonds, crystals and matching sparkly stilettos.


Seek for the perfect dress that will make you stand out from the crowd and don’t forget fur coat that will compliment your elegance. Find inspiration in fashion magazines and lifestyle blogs.  Step in look confident and join the crowd to live in the moment and experience it fully. Do not forget what you wear expresses your personality in a way that makes you feel comfortable. If something makes you uncomfortable repeat to yourself fake it on the outside and soon you’ll feel it on the inside.


Charlotte loves to inspire and create. She lives life to the fullest and seeks endless possibilities of destination weddings, exotic honeymoons and more in the life of millenial’s Mr and Mrs Smith.

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