People that enjoy cleaning their cars will make it a part of their weekly or monthly schedule. But drivers that consider cleaning a car too much of a chore will usually procrastinate until the last minute. You can get around a messy last-minute cleanup by using a foam cannon. Before you pull out the heavy artillery, work on prevention by using these five tips. 

5. Stay Away From White

A white paint job is a lot harder to maintain than any darker alternative. The same day it is cleaned, drivers shouldn’t be surprised if it gets dirty on the way home. A white paint job looks fantastic but is not made for users that don’t like cleaning their car. If white is your only option, then keep it washed and waxed at scheduled intervals to protect the paint job. 

4. Bumper Sticker Easy Removal

Removing a bumper sticker (or any sticker) from your car is never easy. They rip, tear and leave a nasty residue. So, when you eventually get the sticker off, there is an entirely different cleaning procedure to get the old glue. Then you finally have to clean and dry the area where the sticker originally was. Speed through this process by using a blow dryer to loosen the adhesive. This is a much cleaner way to remove stickers and will prevent you from wasting time. 

3. Clean The Interior With a Filter

Not just any filter, but a coffee filter! This works well on interiors made out of plastic. Coffee filters are the unsung hero in car cleaning setups. They are cheap, come in bulk and can be stored in the glovebox. Whenever you need to remove dust quickly, reach for a coffee filter. 

2. Peroxide Is Heavy Duty On Carpets

For this cleaning tip, you need a good brush, water, and hydrogen peroxide. The carpet of a car is one of the most disgusting things in any interior. It tracks everything that is on the bottom of your shoe while doing a good job of collecting crumbs, dust, and other bacteria. There are some stains that seem next to impossible to remove. By mixing together some water and hydrogen peroxide, this job becomes much easier. Some prefer one-third while other cleaners use a more potent one-half mixture. 

1. Find The Hard To Reach Spots

Use a small brush or Q-tip to reach crevices that are out of reach of normal cleaning materials. This is an important step in car cleaning since dirt left unchecked can cake up and crack your interior. The number of problems you can avoid with this tip can save you hundreds of dollars if you keep up with it. 

Wrap Up

Getting ahead of the problem is always preferable when dealing with cleaning duties. No one is expected to keep their car clean one-hundred percent of the time. The idea is to keep it from being excessive. Once you gain control of your cleaning schedule, it becomes just another part of your routine. 


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