Mr and Mrs Smith

What kind of movie is Mr. and Mrs. Smith?

Action, Adventure, Romantic, Comedic, Dramatic

What is the premise of Mr. and Mrs. Smith?

Mr. and Mrs. Smith is a story surrounding two married assassins Jane Smith (Angelina Jolie) and John. Smith (Brad Pitt), working for competitive companies. The catch is neither knows the other is an assassin and through a series of events have been contracted to kill each other. Once they realize who they are supposed to kill they are given seventy-two hours to complete there assignment or face elimination themselves. So ensues a series of gun fights, car chases and marital angst. Oh, and Vince Vaughn is thrown in for comic relief.

Now the actual fighting is supposed to be representative of their marital problems and the whole movie is supposed to represent what happens in a marriage when the parties involved grow a part. Okay, I’m fine with that, but the entire film was wholly underwhelming. Never once did I believe that they were truly angry with each other, the sexual tension was rather tepid, and Vaughn was hardly funny. Not to mention I’ve seen better action sequences in Disney movies.

John and Jane Smith are are getting tired of their boring life style. Their domestic life in the suburbs is getting to both of them and they decided to see a marriage therapist. Along with their boring life, each of them has quite a secret. They are both professional assassins constantly on duty, but either of them know about each others secret profession. A problem arises when both of them are contracted to kill each other. They try to piece together their secretive lives while questioning their love for each other.

Who is the director of Mr. and Mrs. Smith?

Directed by Doug Liman

Who are some of the actors and actresses in Mr. and Mrs. Smith?

Brad Pitt plays John Smith

Angelina Jolie plays Jane Smith

Vince Vaughn plays Eddie

Adam Brody plays Benjamin Danz

What is a Memorable Scene from Mr. and Mrs. Smith?

Dinner at the Smith’s turns into a deadly game of cat and mouse.

When does Mr. and Mrs. Smith take place?The movie is set in 2005.

What are major themes and issue in Mr. and Mrs. Smith?Some major themes and issues in the movie include life, love, happiness, marriage, therapy, death, murder, money, suburban lifestyle

What do you recommend if I liked Mr. and Mrs. Smith?

True Lies, James Bond Movies, Indiana Jones Movies

What do you rate Mr. and Mrs. Smith?

I give it a rating of 8 out of 10 stars. It’s a good action movie but lacks in the romantic department.